Friday, October 19, 2012

Beautiful Autumn Garden Days Bring Big Rewards

The last couple of days the weather has been beautiful for working in the garden and there is plenty to do.  Ed and I enjoyed spending the day getting this bed ready for winter.  Weeds were removed, plants were trimmed and  plant tags were renewed.  Finally Ed installed  the fence to keep the ever present deer out of the bed.  The fence is a little late as several strawberry plants and one day lily already served as lunch for the deer.

Yesterday while Ed worked on mowing for the last time, I cut back the Autumn Joy sedum plants. Twice  the wheelbarrow was filled to overflowing with the heavy stems and seed heads of these plants.

Next years growth is already visible at the base of the plants.  From the look of the new growth these plants will be even bigger next year.

In the past we have not necessarily cut these plants down in the fall but this year there  was quite a lot of leaf debris on the ground under the plants.  From the look of them, cleaning up this bed could only be a good thing.  I  also discovered that critter had dug a hole at the base of one of the plants.   Ed filled in the hole to cover the exposed plant roots.  With the plants cut back low wire cages can be  placed to protect the new growth.  Every nice day gives us a chance to work on more of the garden.  Whatever we can get done now will reap big dividends come spring.

Today the fall rains have returned.  It was a nice morning to take a drive to  admire the misty clouds and what's left of the trees' autumn color on the surrounding hills.  We hope for more beautiful fall days to work in the garden.  Every one that we get  brings us autumn joy!

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petka said...

Why disposing Sedum? In winter, this plant does very beautiful when there is snow.