Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ongoing Saga of the Salmon Star

On Friday it will be a month since this ruthless rodent attack on the Salmon Star lily that is planted in the garden.  The May ninth attack in the lily sod house left one Salmon Star with no stem.  Despite the risks the potted lilies had to be placed in the garden.

Ed carefully bandaged the wound, but we really did not hold out much hope for our patient.  He turned his attention to ridding the garden of the exasperating pests.  We have had some success with traps and the battle is ongoing.  Precautions continue as the stem wraps are placed around the intact plants.  We have no idea if the wraps actually deter the munching rodents but leaving them off seems like to much of a risk.

It was past time to free the remaining Salmon Stars from their pots and plant them in the garden.  Ed was surprised to find that the bulb whose stem was totally chewed off  was still solid.  Now there are four lilies planted in this spot.  We need to remember that when it is time to pot up the bulbs this fall.

Our wounded lily has managed to grow in spite of it all.  It is even making an attempt to flower.  For the benefit of the bulb perhaps these buds should be removed, and we have to give this plant a  "Best Growth Against Incredible Odds" award.  It may be that the need to flower is what is keeping this plant alive.  Dead leaves are slowly working their way up the stem.  Ed is afraid that if he takes the flower buds the plant will quit altogether.  We want a solid heavy bulb to plant again next year.

Elsewhere in the garden the first yellow squash and zucchini blossoms have appeared on Ed's transplants.  Scapes have been removed from the garlic.  The cherry tomatoes have blossoms.  The early spinach and lettuce are starting to bolt. This morning  I watched two young bucks with fuzzy antlers walk past my window.  I guess this really is the beginning of summer in the garden!

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