Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Snow No Flowers

Here is the condition of our transplanted from the wild Fringed Polygala today.  Normally this plant carries leaves through the winter.  Initial plant activity is fueled by the old leaves.  Having no old leaves to provide energy, this plant looked near death this spring.  Its stems sported some leaf buds but they were slow to open and grow.  Flowers were out of the question but still we looked for a hint of purple.  None was found here nor back in the woods where some polygalas still grow wild.  A consequence of our snowless winter was no flowers from this plant.

We have much to learn about how this plant goes about its business.  Our pictures show flowers surrounded by new leaves.  Other pictures show old leaves behind new flowers.  Wildly different growth patterns raise more questions than answers.

A brief search of the woods revealed no plants.  Not certain of their exact location, I was reluctant to tramp about looking for them.  They did not need to feel the impact of my boots.  Insignificant leaf growth would be difficult to spot under the other plants that also grow there.  For now we do not know if any of the wild plants survived winter.

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