Monday, June 11, 2012

First Lily Flowers

This orange spotted Asiatic lily has been with us for several years.  Purchased as part of an assortment, it is nameless but hardy.  Two bulbs have become a dozen.  Two large pots were filled with emerging plants this spring so that they could be moved into the basement when frost threatened. While the potted lilies enjoyed the warmth of the basement the others were left to make do with plastic bucket covers.  The ones near the fence in the background are ready to bloom.  One planted out in the main garden experienced a colder night as it was located in a natural frost drain that sweeps across the  slightly lower land.  It is totally dead as are the daughter plants that surrounded it.  We will check the condition of those bulbs.  Weeks of growing time preceded the killing cold so the bulbs may have stored enough energy to fuel an attempt to flower next year.  Fall visitors are always welcome to surplus plants here.  These lilies have created an abundant surplus of mature bulbs.

We are captivated be the color, variety and fragrance available in Daylilies.  Mail order purchases give us a wide range of choices.  In the past our purchases have been small apparently lifeless pieces of crown and roots sealed in plastic bags.  Amazingly enough, plants treated this way usually grow but seldom flower the first year.  This year we tried a dealer that sells field dug plants.  Trimmed green growth was present on each plant when it arrived here.  All have grown and most are sporting flower buds.  Next year we will only purchase freshly dug field grown plants.

Molokai is the varietal name if this plant purchased from Gilbert H. Wild and Son.  Its bright clear yellow petals with ruffled edges made this a stand out.  No fragrance is claimed in the catalog listing but Ed thinks a slight scent is present.  Our flowers have opened late morning and have carried through the second day.  Still in a pot, we really need to give this beauty a spot in the garden.

Note added July 28 2012: Before you click on the link above, you should know that we seem to have gotten leafy sedge along with some of our plants.  Satisfaction from this company is guaranteed, but " No complaints will be entertained after 30 days."  We were extremely happy for longer than the first month.  Ignorance is bliss!


petka said...

Ohhh, lily! Beautiful!

Donna said...

Fabulous...I love those lilies have not bloomed and the deer have been browsing. The daylilies are also fair game for them but as couple have opened...they should both bloom now with the heat

AIice said...
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Indie said...

I have an orange and red lily that readily grows and increases - I need that, since the deer keep eating them!

I love the ruffles on the daylily. Very pretty!

PlantPostings said...

Oh, those Lilies are beautiful! Mine are just starting to open, too. It's so early! But I agree--they're great additions to the garden and they come in so many lovely colors!