Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bright Sunny and Overheated

It was a very hot, very dry weekend in the garden.  The third of the Japanese Iris opened in the sunshine.  A pink bud opened to reveal an almost pure white flower.

Summer heat has brought on some intensely colored flowers.  This  sedum adds a bright yellow splash all over the garden.  A gift from Thelma, an old friend of Mom's, it will always be around.  It pops up everywhere.  Right now it is in its glory!

Here we see a row of Iris Ensata from seed and WEEDS!  Boy do we have weeds!   The soil is dust dry and even the purslane comes out easily,  but I tried to weed near the onions and had to stop. The soil is so dry and loose some of the onions began to lean.  Ed came and watered them and set them straight, but I moved on to an area where the weeds were not close to the plants.

We have some really hot color combinations in the garden now.  Hot pink catchfly and the chartreuse  flowers of lady's mantle add a bright spot to the stone square.

The colors of rose campion and Stella Doro lily flowers are vivid.  The grey foilage of the campion tones thing down a little, but not much.

This bright orange butterfly weed would stop passing traffic if we had any here.  I grow it for the butterflies.

Still another bright orange spot is these double orange daylilies, a gift from Susan.  I usually prefer singles, but this bright orange beauty has it's charm.  We are promised rain and cooler temperatures overnight.  The plants will be happy, but the overheated gardeners will be overjoyed.  We should be able to get out there and enjoy the color without adding our red faces to the display.


Kim and Victoria said...

Hope you get some rain soon.
We also enjoy that yellow daylily/lychnis combo only our daylily is Nicolas.

Anonymous said...

Love your flowers. Just a bit to the west, Corning, we are dry-dry-dry too. I am hoping to plant some butterfly weed this summer in my native flower bed.