Friday, May 11, 2012

What Next ?

Today the impact of  Wednesday's lily attack has softened a bit.  Only two kinds of lilies were completely wiped out. "Lovely Girl", a new lily for this year and "Crystal Clear", a lily that was a free gift three years ago had no plants escape that grey furry little monster.  The lilies in pots have all joined the other plants on the wall.  Ed says, "No problem, there's still room for more plants on the wall."  Of course  we left the lemon verbenas inside by the basement window because of a threat of frost again tonight, and  we still have one more plant order that is due to arrive next week.  The weather forecasts are starting to look good.  If no new calamity pops up, we can get some planting done and make more room on the wall.

This morning as I  looked out over the garden, a bright flash of orange made me get the binoculars for a closer look.  In the trees on the far side of the garden was a Baltimore oriole. He looked stunning in his orange and black breeding plumage.  Later  I saw another flash of orange and black in the garden.  It was the first monarch butterfly to be seen this year. It did not linger.  Flowers blooming in the garden are a bit sparse right now.  It seems early as if we are all pushing the season a bit.  Milkweed plants that monarchs need to lay their eggs  are just beginning to break through the surface of the soil.  Still it's a treat to see these new spring arrivals whenever they get here.

This beautiful trillium in the shade garden is starting to fade.  It's lovely white has been replaced with a marbled pink and white.  As it fades it will turn pink.  It must be nice to age so gracefully.


Ed said...

No mention was made that all of the pictured pots were moved into the basement for the past two nights. Those three gallon pots are heavy. We are still nearly three weeks away from the frost free date. This is totally out of hand.

Donna said...

Just saw an oriole this week and a monarchs here yet and I have milkweed growing just for them