Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fracked ?

Despite New York State's temporary moratorium on gas well drilling, we have a new well about to be developed not far from our home.  Stuck in the political quagmire surrounding the potential of these wells, this driller hit upon a novel solution.  A permit for a traditional nonfracked well was obtained.  A blue truck cab can be seen on the fresh light brown scrape that will be the site of the new well overlooking the Unadilla River.  If the well is to be fracked, additional permits will be required.

The farm road to the upper field has been gated and upgraded to handle heavy truck traffic necessary for a gas well.  Posted signs and a lock secure the gate.

The permit to drill expires June 1, 2012 unless drilling has commenced by that date.   A post office box is the only address shown for the corporate entity that will develop this well.

This well will likely pass through the underground lake that is our water supply.  We have paid $825.00 for a prewell water test that will profile the chemical components of our drinking water.  Post well water tests are less expensive unless new contamination is found.  If new contamination is found then we really will be fracked.

In my opinion New York State should license and tax these wells.  Any environmental damage should be mitigated by New York State using money that has already been collected from the drillers and the well operators.  As an individual I have no chance against a corporate entity located in a postal box.  The gas is here.  It will be developed and there will be environmental damage.  Corporations disappear into the mist leaving their damage behind.  Only New York State can protect its residents and their environment.


Pauline said...

So sorry to read about the threat to your water supply. Don't know how these big companies get away with devastating areas and then just move on.Really hope your local state department can come to your rescue and protect your water.

DeVona said...