Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally Enough Snow to Blow

Ed's new tractor and snow blower have been sitting idle in the shed since before Christmas.  By noon today we had about 4 inches of snow.  It was a nice quiet snowfall with no freezing rain, no ice and no raging wind. This is the kind of winter weather we are used to having. Finally there was just enough snow in the driveway to give the "big" machine a try.  It sure looked to me like Ed was having fun.

Now the garden has a nice snow white cover.  Business is booming at the bird feeders. Ed made tracks in the pristine white snow to fill them with seed.  If the skies clear it will get cold tonight.  It's country dark here and we have a great view of the starry sky. Whenever I read about solar flares I look for Northern lights if the skies are clear. We are really too far south, but if you don't look you will never see.  I've seen them twice and if they are visible here I don't want to miss them.

Tomorrow we should still have the snow. Monday's forecast indicates rain  and it might be gone again!

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