Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Sea of Goldenrod

 We have been so intent on the rain and the river, along with our loss of electricity, that we hardly noticed the meadow turning the brilliant yellow of fall. With all the rain the golden rod is tall and spilling over into Ed's walking paths. The beautiful fields of yellow are misunderstood by some. They think the goldenrod is the source of their allergy problems. Goldenrod pollen is heavy and  not easily blown by the wind. Ragweed is the real culprit. Ever since I have lived here I have made it a goal of mine to eliminate ragweed . This fall I haven't seen one around  anywhere to use for a photo op. I'm sure it's not gone for good.  I'll still yank it out by its roots whenever I see it.

We have several varieties of goldenrod growing here. Today I managed to find three.

Each one has beautiful yellow flowers loved by the bees and butterflies.

But their shape and growth habit are different. In 1993 using an article from The Herb Companion, I found five different types of goldenrod growing here. I have forgotten their names, but they combine to make a beautiful yellow tapestry. I love fall. I just can't believe that it is goldenrod and aster season already. Worse I actually saw the f_ _ _ _ word in Thursday's weather forecast!


FlowerLady said...

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry that you and Ed are still without electricity. I hope the river hasn't risen any more and I hope your soggy conditions dry out soon.

How wonderful to have all those different goldenrod growing there. I'd like to grow them down here. Need to find the right one.

Can't believe you have frost predicted already. Yikes!

Hope things improve greatly up there for you this week.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

WiseAcre said...

don't forget to look very closely at the goldenrod flowers, they're a favorite hiding place for ambush bugs :)

No frost (there I said the nasty word) predicted for me but it's going to get close with night temps dipping to the mid 30s by the end of the week

Indie said...

Your goldenrod is beautiful! I love the first picture.
I hope your electricity comes back soon!

Becky said...

Things are returning to normal. The power is back and the phone too. More and more of the closed roads are open. Now our focus is on the possible frost for Friday and Saturday morning.