Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morning in the Garden, Rain in the Afternoon

It's been so very hot and dry in the garden. Even the usually indestructible Gloriosa daisies look singed.
It was delightfully cool and cloudy this morning. Ed and I went out to spend some time in the garden. It's still too dry to weed close to the crown of desirable plants, but some  of my most detested pernicious weeds pulled out easily. I got Ed's big black wheelbarrow and filled it to overflowing. It felt so good to get some of those weed seeds out of the garden and into the rough compost pile.

Amy's "Sugar Baby" is coming nicely. It's almost a big as a softball and beginning to get its stripes.

For weeks with no rain, the yard long beans have been just sitting  there. They haven't begun grow or to vine yet, but the first blossoms have appeared. I think the lavender flowers are exceptionally pretty for a bean blossom, but if the beans develop from these two flowers, they will lay along the ground unless the rain brings some real "Jack and the Beanstalk" action.

Now this is something you are never supposed to see. Every thing I have read about my tree peony says not to let the flowers , in this case flower, go to seed. I didn't mean to leave it, but tucked under the leaves I missed it. Today I lopped it off, but I didn't throw it in the compost. I put it in my garden cart to inspect later. I can't help being curious to see what the seeds of a tree peony might look like. I have no idea where the closest tree peony grows. I have only this one. Perhaps the pods will be empty. I love a garden mystery on a rainy afternoon.

I've been waiting so long to see the garden through rain covered windows that I just couldn't resist changing the header. For those of you who are suffering from drought , I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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