Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dew Drops in the Garden

With the valley fog this morning, the garden was wet with dew. A spider web in the lemon lilies caught my eye. Without the drops of dew it would be nearly invisible.

The dew on the balloon flower bud reminds me of a tiny blue umbrella caught out in the rain.

This dewy fragrant gladiola looks especially lovely this morning. Ed potted up the bulbs to give them an early start and then transplanted them in the garden. I love the look and delicate fragrance of this plant  If we just plant them out here they frequently flower so late  we don't get to enjoy them. We will dig the bulbs after frost and store them in the basement. Ed will pot them up early in the spring. This plant is totally worth the trouble!


Donna said...

Becky when I left the house this morning I saw all the dew and so wished I could stay home longer and capture it with the camera...

Perry said...

LOVE THE FLOWERS! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to come into your world. I would like to be a blessing to you each and everyday. Please share my site with your friends so I may be a blessing to them as well. You can visit me at