Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tiny Seldom Noticed Nature, Photos by Amy

When Amy visits we usually walk around with the camera. It never fails to amaze me that her sharp eyes see things I never notice. This beautiful shiny black fungus with the velvety looking edge is very small. The brown spruce needles in the picture are not even an inch long.

Another nearby fungus of the same type holds surprise that even Amy didn't see until we looked at the pictures with the computer. Incredibly tiny bugs apparently inhabit the small fungus.They look like grey specks, but if you zoom in they have tiny little legs.

Amy had this fossil rock in her hands before she noticed the tiny white spider. It took her several tries to get the camera to focus on the teeny weeny spider. He traveled very fast. At less than an eighth of an inch , it is either newly hatched or an extremely small variety of spider.

Mother Nature has some amazing things for us to see if we just take the time to notice!


Donna said...

so true Becky...wait till you see my post tomorrow...I have had that very experience recently...wonderful pictures and isn't Amy a marvel with nature

Sylvia said...

I like your new header. Daffodills are blooming! Spring is actually coming! Dogwoods are beginning to open here!

Lona said...

What wonderful pictures. I would have missed the spider. LOL!

PlantPostings said...

That fungus is fascinating. I love stories and photos about the little things that we don't always notice. :) It's so neat to see your header photo greening up!

Commonweeder said...

Amazing photos! A reminder to take time to really look at the world around us.