Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sunny Day in April

What could be more beautiful than these Round lobed hepaticia flowers bathed in sunlight? For us the pleasure of having blue sky, sunny day to work in the garden comes close. Ed happily spent the entire day outside. A flock of brilliant goldfinches stopped by the bird feeder. I spotted my first butterfly of the season. Ed asked me what kind of butterfly it was and I had to say orange. It flitted away before I could even get a close look. It was so nice to see a bumblebee buzzing in and out of the daffodil flowers. Ed called me over to get a picture of the first snake we have seen this year. Even if you don't like snakes, this one is beautiful.

A close up reveals his smooth brilliant green body. The smooth scales makes this an Eastern smooth green snake. Ed called it a grass snake . This one was about two feet long making it large for its type. Although this brilliant green snake would tempt any small boy to keep it as a pet, they will not eat in captivity.They want live food and are are a huge asset in the garden .

After posing nicely for his picture the snake quickly slithered away into the grass where he disappeared against the green background to go on with his day. With the temperature into the eighties it actually got hot in the garden. It felt so good to have the heat of the sun on my back as weeded the thyme on the patio. Later in the evening we paid for our hot day in the garden with thunder , lightning, and more rain. What a glorious garden day!

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Kim and Victoria said...

What a great sounding day! That snake is very pretty.