Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Lone Survivor

When you garden in a cold climate, fall planted bulbs are irresistible. They jump start the garden, giving the gardener something green and growing to enjoy, while waiting for the soil to warm up. Last fall we planted a dozen winter aconite bulbs in the shade garden. This lovely little plant seems to be the lone survivor. I would have liked having the dozen. I wonder what happened. Are the bulbs still there waiting till later or perhaps even next spring to emerge? Do I have something else to blame on the squirrels? Time will tell.

After several warm sunny days the Dutch iris and crocus are fading. My other bulbs are growing fast. Many of the perennials are showing new growth. Today is chilly and windy. The daffodils are almost ready to bloom. Perhaps the predicted rain will get all the plants moving again.

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me ann my camera said...

I enjoy so watching your garden grow. I also admire your dedication and how you encoursage it ti thrive. We love gardening too, but my husband is more the gardener than me. Wwe sre pstiently waiting for our crocus to bloom. Our main gardening focus are Hostas.
Happy gardening!