Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early Spring Flowers and Promising Buds

Last year my little yellow Dutch iris got nipped in the bud. Because of that I never got a chance to see how beautiful they are. I was unaware of the green stripes and the tiny spots until I saw this up- close photograph. Now I love them even more!

Pickwick crocuses are my favorite. I just love the purple stripes. Although I have others, these flowers at the base of a lavender plant are the first to open. They are a welcome sight. The sedum that I got from Thelma H. is back as usual. I'm sure it will outlast us just like it did her.

Already a magnificent shade of blue, these Siberian squill buds will be even more blue when they open. It looks like they self seeded in this bed. Who could ever have too many of these blue beauties.

This weekend has been a fantastic beginning to gardening season here. After a somewhat chilly start yesterday, today was a delight. There is much to do and it's hard to decide where to start, but as long a we are having fun playing outside in the dirt, it's perfect!


Donna said...

looks gorgeous and looks familiar especially yellow them they are so gorgeous and the crocus are my favorite as well..looks like they are's to seeing more flowers soon..

Katie said...

I have been enjoying your blog, so different from here (deep south). But why are your dutch iris so short? Ours are quite tall. Dwarf? Weather? We are in full bloom here -azaleas,iris, snowball bushes, early roses, tea olives - not much to see but, oh, the fragrance will make you drunk! In fact the bees are flying loop de loops! Katie

Becky said...

They are miniatures ,4" to 8 ". Mine are definitely on the short end of the stick. I'm sure the cold impacts them as well.

PlantPostings said...

Looks like we are at about the same point in our gardens. My Crocuses are just about to bloom. I know it's old hat for people to the south, but I'm so happy to see them finally blooming. Your photos are lovely!

Kim and Victoria said...

Spring does seem to take its time but we're finally seeing some growth, and occasionally the sun, here.