Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anxious to Be Out in the Garden

Strong sunlight is shrinking the snow pack. When you are looking at the opening in the east wall you can see the snow retreating to the north. The snow on the south wall is nearly gone. The big stone on the south end of the wall to the right is completely uncovered. I was so encouraged by this that yesterday, I ventured out with the camera. I didn't get very far. Gravity has always had an extremely strong pull on me and yesterday was no exception. I fell before I even made it to the garden. Slightly shaken, but unhurt, I came back in the house. I confessed to Ed that I had fallen. I had no choice since I had left an obvious mark in the snow that any decent tracker would have recognized as my butt.

Today I ventured out again with Ed blazing a trail to firm the snow where I wanted to walk. There were so many interesting tracks in the snow. Big and small birds, red squirrels, and rabbits had left tracks in a confused jumble, especially around the bird feeders.

But I'm tiring of white, it was something green I was really searching to find. I was so pleased to see this catnip plant peeking out of the snow. It has new growth that looks terrific.

Even these perky green leaves were a welcome sight. It's garlic mustard, one of the persistent weeds we try to eliminate here, but never do. I couldn't pull it today, but I know where it is and when the ground thaws this plant will be compost. I can hardly wait!

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