Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Frost

With yesterday's cloudless skies and cool temperatures, we didn't need a weather forecast to expect this view of the garden this morning. It was still dark when I got up . I could see Orion and other stars overhead. In the early morning light the garden was covered in white. Later when the sun reached the garden the frost disappeared leaving the ugly  remains of any annuals still in the garden. By ten o'clock it was another gorgeous fall day. But this frost marks an end to this summer's garden. From this point it's next year's garden  that matters. This year it's late enough to be welcome. We like having a four season garden.


FlowerLady said...

Your garden is definitely pretty in all seasons.


Bonnie said...

Your blog doesn't mention where your garden is but your pictures look very much like my location in central New York. I haven't had a frost yet - maybe tonight but I hope not. I don't live way out in the country so my yard is a bit more protected. My Dad is also getting ready to plant his garlic.