Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Pictures By Amy

Yesterday was a perfect day for a few laps around the meadow with the camera. Even after several hard frosts the meadow is buzzing with activity. Amy was able to take a picture of this American Copper Butterfly on one of the last of the goldenrod  flowers. I've never seen  this butterfly here before, but its host plant is sheep sorrel, one of our most hated weeds. It will be nice to remember that the American Copper loves it.

Much of this activity centers around the wild asters. Now that's a big fly!

A Bumblebee adds to the buzzing around the white asters that have not yet gone to seed.

The milkweed has gone to seed now. Fluff is in the wind and caught in the aster plants.


I've chased sulfur butterflies with the camera with nothing but frustration to show for it. How wonderful that Amy was able to catch one on the asters. Flowers are becoming scarce since the frost. Late blooming asters fill the gap.

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