Monday, October 4, 2010

The Latest Bloom List

This is the latest bloom list for a couple of reasons. Planned for October 1 , the pictures were not taken until after that. Finally I am getting around to posting it today. This "Who Dun It" Dahlia is gorgeous now. Because Ed started it in a pot, and frost has been holding back, we have enjoyed blooms on this plant for a long time.

This single red hibiscus bloom may be the last. This plant has been spectacular this year. Hibiscus in October here is totally amazing.

We have been experiencing lots of hard rain. Some of the plants with a lot of flowers were flattened . These pink chrysanthemums went from magnificent to bedraggled.

Oct 1 Bloom list; New England aster, Rudebeckia triloba, "Dream of Beauty " aster, white yarrow, "Who Dun It", Dahlia, lavender, tuberose, Nicotiana, anise hyssop, Ingeborg's mallow, "Mary Stoker" chrysanthemum, meadow sage, helitrope, snapdragons cosmos, Johnny jump ups, peppermint zinnias as, nasturtiums, butterfly bush, pink foxglove, sea holly, catnip, Stella D'oro lily, peas , gloriosa daisy, arugula, yellow squash, zucchini, buckwheat, "Autumn Joy " sedum, fennel, Russian sage, red bee balm, Robin's plaintain, "Mammoth pink" chrysanthemums.

Frost or not , the garden is winding down. Most things have gone to seed. Some plants like the bee balm, cosmos and Robin's plantain are squeezing one last bloom while they can. The list is getting short, we will see if we have a list on October 15.


Meredehuit ♥ said...

Love that dahlia.

Anonymous said...

I know we've had all summer to enjoy them, but isn't it sad when the blossoms fade away in the fall? Boo hoo!