Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hummingbird Hello!

A welcome rainy day brought a lovely surprise. A hummingbird stopped and hovered just outside the living room window. What a terrific first hummingbird sighting . It was almost as if he just stopped to say, "Hello,I'm back".

The whole garden is happy with the rain. Now we begin our days of salads from the garden. We can glide right past salad greens in the grocery store with glee. The new lettuce and our fall planted spinach are beginning to produce. The house salad here requires a tour of the garden. I pick a few lettuce leaves , some spinach,a little Good King Henry,chives, perhaps some sweet cicely or chervil, Johnny jump up flowers or violets, a sprig of French tarragon, some salad burnett. With a salad like that a little raspberry vinaigrette is all we need for dressing. Now that's a garden salad! But something is missing, I need to plant my arugula. I'll move that to the top of the list for tomorrow.

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