Sunday, January 3, 2010

Remember To Weed The Brahmi

As I made the rounds watering the indoor plants, I stopped to admire the thick growth in the pot of Brahmi. This plant is from India, reputed to increase mental clarity and memory. I brought some inside in a pot to try to save it to plant back outside in the spring. It seemed to be doing remarkably well. Closer inspection revealed the the pot also contained chickweed. Chickweed has some great qualities of its own, but it grows here as a weed, and certainly doesn't rate pot space in the house. The pointed leaves are chickweed. The rounded leaves are Brahmi.

Since I already miss weeding, I cheerfully went to work. Extracting the chick weed from the Brahmi was a little like getting chewing gum out of a child's hair. What a tangle! Stem by stem I removed the pointed leaf chickweed, leaving the rounded succulent leaves of the Brahmi. When the job was finally done the pot had a very different look. Left alone to battle for pot space, chickweed is a powerful adversary. But now I will be watching, if I remember.

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