Friday, November 27, 2009

Darwin's Choice

According to the laws of natural selection, the best of the species will survive. Well this little buck has the right idea. He spent much of today grazing and wandering within sight of the house and garden. While I am confident that he's not smart enough to have read the rules for hunters that forbid shooting this close to a house, he seems to have the right idea anyway. I would guess that he is last year's fawn. He appears to be all by himself. The ladies have all gone after the big buck that we've seen on the ridge. Perhaps he remembers with fondness the Spring mornings when Mom brought her spotted fawn by to run and play on the short grass around the garden. Maybe he remembers this as his favorite gourmet take out eatery. As long as he stays on the other side of the wall, I'll just watch through the binoculars. This time of year if I see a deer in the garden I usually open the living room window and yell really loud. In the warmer weather I go outside, get closer and yell really loud. I'm not very intimidating so the deer usually leave but slowly. The smart ones know when they are safe and when to run away.

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