Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Garden Treats

With the all day rain the garden has been left on it's own. These Everbearing strawberries were picked right before we came in from the garden last evening. This variety of strawberries produces when the others do, but the plants continue to blossom and produce fruit throughout the Summer. I have to say the berries we had on our breakfast cereal this morning were a very special treat. In a day or so there will be more.

Nothing , but nothing tastes better than a luscious strawberry, warm from the sun eaten immediately after being plucked from the garden. A dozen plants take up so little space. Of course here we need a cage covered with bird netting to protect them from birds, deer, woodchucks and rabbits. Ants have established hills in the crowns of several plants. For the moment these plants appear fine but their future is dim. Daughter plants will likely serve as replacements next Spring. We know of no way to eliminate the ants. John Burroughs wrote of being drawn into the fields by the aroma of ripe strawberries in his essay "Pepacton". We lack his words but we enjoy a version of his berries.


GardenJoy4Me said...

All berries are so much better in a "sunkissed" state from a personal garden : )
I'm sorry about the ant problem Becky .. that can be so frustrating.

AnnF said...

A organic gardener in my MG group takes packages of Sweet n Low and puts them near the anthill and they eat 'em and die.

Rosey Pollen said...

We got to pick fresh strawberries in the forest this week, so tiny yet so full of flavor.
I hope yours make a "comeback"