Thursday, July 2, 2009

Potato Blossoms, Here To Stay Or Gone Tomorrow?

We have our first blossoms on the potatoes. The interesting flowers and berries remove any doubt one might have about this plant being in the nightshade family. I searched through my potato catalog to see what it said about potato blossoms. The only thing I could find is that the blossoms signal that you might be able to steal some new potatoes from the plant at this point. Ed's dad always pinched the blossoms off the potatoes thinking that the plant would then put all it's effort into making potatoes it's only remaining chance to reproduce . That makes some sense, but part of me wants to leave the flowers. Perhaps tomorrow we will remove the blossoms from some of the plants and leave them on others. If we keep track we might get a possible answer as to which choice is better. It will have to wait till tomorrow. It's raining AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

They're pretty little blooms, aren't they? It's been raining here for nearly two weeks now, with no end in sight until next week, at the earliest. We're mildewing! :)

Curmudgeon said...

Oh! So beautiful! I just posted about our dying potatoes--and other horrors currently playing out in our garden. I love potato flowers. Am curious about the pinching of the flowers versus not and which produces more spuds.

Barbee' said...

I hope you tell us which method won with the most spuds!