Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Destined To See

Anyone reading plant catalogs has to be impressed with the results that plant breeders have produced with day lilies. Old orange garden escapes line the roadsides in this part of New York. Since they prosper in damp ditches I have long referred to them as sewer lilies. Susan gave us divisions from her day lilies. A dark orange single and a pale sherbet double made me take another look at this plant. I found the catalog offerings hard to believe. The variety and intensity of the colors simply seemed too good to be true. Still I had to try one. Destined to see was my choice. Last year the plant established itself but showed no flower. This year the early growth looked great and buds finally appeared. First flower is proudly pictured here. The illustration in the catalog was completely accurate. The flower shown here is exactly like its catalog picture. Next year's must order lists have already been started. We will likely be looking for another day lily to add to our collection. Some of the reds looked interesting.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

My favourite daylily is Destined to See, Becky, I fell in love with it a couple of years ago. I find it grows very slowly here and we're still probably 3 weeks at least from blooming, but i'm waiting for it anxiously.