Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snake Skin

This snake skin, woven into the top of the stone wall leading into the basement, is a not so subtle reminder that snakes love a dry stone wall. The possibility of meeting a snake at eye level when leaving the basement is a bit nerve wracking. I don't speak parseltongue, but the shriek that comes out involuntarily seems to be understood.The snakes and I head in opposite directions. I love Ed's walls. Snakes are good for the garden. I'm working on a mental adjustment.


Erin said...

I've now seen three references of Harry Potter books. Are you by chance a fan????

Becky said...

I really loved the first book and the second book, but as the stories became darker, I liked them less.I finished the last book in about two days because I found it compelling but the spell is broken. I didn't see the last two movies. For me the fun is gone.