Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Among Friends

I wish I had taken a picture of these poppies and iris last evening before the rain. The evening light intensified the orange in both the iris and the poppies. The large apricot iris given to me by my former neighbor, Liz, are gorgeous, but large blooms and a lot of rain often leads to broken stems. A broken stem shows at the bottom of the picture. Now an apricot iris graces my dining room table. I would never have cut it if it had not been broken by the rain.

The orange oriental poppies were a gift from Thelma H, a friend of my mother's. When the first poppy blooms, I admire it's beauty, and think of Thelma and her beloved garden.

Most of our purchased plants have found their home in the garden, but plant swapping with friends and visitors will continue all summer.The small pink evening scented stock have started to bloom. Few visitors to the garden leave without one of these aromatic beauties in a pot. It's no wonder. Except for when the nearby farm spreads liquid manure, the garden will now smell fantastic in the evening for the rest of the summer. This plant is irresistible!

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