Thursday, June 25, 2009

Double Or Nothing

Today we have poppies in bloom.This is a beautiful poppy. The color is nice and I like the purple.Bees would love to roll in this blossom. It's for that reason that this plant has to be pulled. If I want my double poppies to survive, the singles must be removed as soon as possible. This one is already gone. I did bring the flower inside, singe the stem, and put it in water so I can enjoy it for awhile. The bees have to work a bit harder, but it's the pink double poppies that I really love.

Happiness is a garden with lots of double pink poppies. These two are just the beginning.

Finally we have had some sun. Last night we opened the windows and enjoyed the aroma of the evening scented stock planted just outside. A large 3 to 4 inch moth flew against the screen. I wonder what kind he was but the encounter was brief and identification impossible. We went to sleep looking at stars and fireflies.

Ed opened the windows again this morning while it was still cool. I heard the snort of an annoyed deer and watched a neighbor's cat retreat down the driveway. The doe and her fawn were just visible through the trees.

The shade garden was the perfect place for Ed to work on this summer day. Later when it cools off something different will be fun. I'll be looking for weeds to pull and yes, more single poppies.

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Tatyana said...

Wonderful blooms Becky! Colors are lovely. I'd love to have doubles in my garden.