Sunday, June 21, 2009

Almost As Good As New

The stone patio is back. All that remains now is to fill the spaces between the stones with planting soil, and replant . Small red creeping thyme plants are waiting in pots. They were saved from the plants that had to be removed. Things will have to dry off a bit before the soil is dry enough to work with. Ed plans to do some kind of edging between the patio and the lawn to prevent or at least retard another encroachment.

The rain that made working in the garden beds, and mowing the grass impossible made resetting the patio stones much easier. Very wet sand responds almost like mortar. It makes setting the stones a messy, but much easier job. This project moved to the top of the to do list for that reason. Ed's garden work always impresses me, but sometimes he blows me away. This patio was such a mess. I never would have believed that he could finish this job in such a short time. Wow!


DeVona said...

Wow is right! Congratulations on a nice job! I 'm enjoying your new photo at the top, too! happy Summer! Got a new assignment from GP today.

J said...

Looks as good as new to me! What beautiful stonework. Congratulations to Ed!