Saturday, December 13, 2008

Somtimes Thin Ice Is a Great Thing!

This snow storm has made it so beautiful here. Around 3:00AM the full moon on the white snow lit up the night,making it brighter out than on a cloudy day. I spent some considerable time looking out the windows before I returned to bed. Today the beauty continues. The morning sun playing on the ice made for a shimmering display.

We were lucky enough to get a thin coat of ice on the trees. Just another half an inch spells the trouble that so many people in the northeast are enduring. Thankful for our good fortune, we enjoy the beauty while we can.

As the sun goes higher in the sky the picture changes. The ice is still beautiful, but different. The sun is strong and bright. I imagine the ice on the trees will be gone by the time things refreeze tonight. Beauty can be fleeting. Catch it while you can!


Gail said...

Really lovely photos!...Sometimes thin ice is beautiful! gail

tina said...

Just beautiful!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The ice coating everything makes such a beautiful picture. It is pretty as long as it is thin and does not damage things.

nancybond said...

Beautiful photos -- it makes you ponder how something so gorgeous can cause such devastation, doesn't it? I hope everyone on the east coast is managing well.