Friday, December 12, 2008

Same Picture, Different Day

For now the garden has its snow cover again. We were very lucky. The trees got a light coat of ice before the snow, but not enough to cause trouble. Some people had a lot of ice and loss of power with this storm. I've been around for ice storms when you could hear the sickening sound of breaking trees. I feel for the people in places where that occurred. Having the power go out is the pits even if you have a generator.

From the look of the weather forecast the plants will have to edure the freeze thaw cycle for at least another week. Perhaps the winter solstice will bring a change, perhaps not. Right now, today, it's a beautiful snowy view out every window.


tina said...

The plants will be okay, you stay warm. Sure do love that wall.

Anonymous said...

I went back and forth a million times looking at the difference. Amazing. You did a good job cleaning up in the fall for it to look so clean now. I'm impressed. Glad your damage was a little and not a lot. I have seen those pics of the frozen North and it's not looking real good for some. We get those awful ice storms here in NC so I feel for everyone.