Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Thyme

Yesterday the weather outside was frightful! Freezing rain, slush on the highways and automobiles in the ditch were the features of the day. It warmed up and rained over night. When the sun came out this morning so did the camera. I wandered around the garden. The snow has melted in many places. Many of the plants no longer look their best. Some are being chewed on by mice, rabbits and deer. Not being in the mood for that kind of picture, I kept looking. Then I came around to the patio where the red creeping thyme is planted in the cracks between the stones. WOW! It looks terrific! The green leaves of summer have turned a gorgeous holiday red.


tina said...

It does look great and ties in so well with the name of your blog.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I love the change too. I have been fortunate to live all over the US, but home is best here in NC where I can have seasonal changes. Love that pic of yours with the white background.