Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amy's Varigated Jade

The weather has turned cold. While working outside, Ed's water bottle developed a skin of ice before he had time to drink it. He was playing at the gravel bank while he could still break through the gravel's frozen crust. I took a short walk outside. Everywhere you walked it felt like concrete under foot. Brrr! It was back inside for me. Time for a houseplant picture!

Amy's varigated jade was a college graduation present. The jade was left in my care. At that time I was a notorious killer of house plants, and I very nearly killed this one. Actually I thought it was gone, but I found a leaf on the windowsill. Ed potted it and the plant you see has grown back from that tiny piece.

With its lovely green , white and sometimes pink tinged leaves, a varigated jade is a beautiful plant. This one could be more beautiful, but I can't bear to do anything but remove unhealty looking leaves. I guess I could use some sage jade pruning advice!

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