Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Difference A Day Makes

Ed spent yesterday mixing garden soil for the finished part of the shade garden. It was cold out there, but he dressed properly and made great progress on his project. He's the hardy gardener. I'm only half-hardy, so I went out only to get some peppermint to make tea.

This morning the scene has changed. Snow is falling and the garden is going from green to white. This will make the deer hunters happy since tracking the deer is so much easier in the snow. I've heard several gun retorts already this morning. Time will tell if this is the final white curtain on real garden work. Sometimes here the November snow lasts. Ed is hoping for encore and a chance to continue his project. Either way it's been a great gardening season!


tina said...

Very nice view. Poor deer.

Anonymous said...

Your snow is lovely on those beautiful stones. And the new stone bed is going to be wonderful, as well.

warren said...

I just discovered your blog from Surviving (on) Massachussets. I really like your stuff. The stone wall you are working on is beautiful, by the way! Well done!