Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stone Fascination

Both Ed and I have a real fascination with stones. It's not just the walls and paths he builds, but the interesting qualities of the stones themselves. This stone is a gorgeous wall stone. It has two parallel sides , but the shape is nicely off square. The color, texture and density are a little different from most stones we find here. Its present location is the temporary stone pile. A place in the shade garden wall is its likely destination. Because our stone here was dropped by the glacier we have a great diversity of stones. Fossils, flint, flat stones, round get the idea.

This stone is a top stone on the shade garden wall. I have no idea how the interesting pattern was formed, but it's fun to look at and so it gets a spot on the top of the wall. The sand in the three holes around the tinted area is a consequence of wall building. How the holes were formed is anyone's guess.


Gail said...

I love stone, too! There are faces in stones, animals...very cool!
clay and limestone

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a stone gatherer. :) I collect, tumble and polish beach and river stone, and am fascinated by formations. If you lived in this area, you would no doubt enjoy a hike in or visit to this area, part of the Columbian glacier fields. There are some amazing rocks here. Your stones are wonderful and I love your walls.