Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remember Rosemary

Rosemary is the herb of memory. This rosemary blooming today is a lovely reminder to stop and be thankful. In the garden as in life, things are never perfect, but if you look, there is always something beautiful, something miraculous every single day.

Here the rosemary lives in a clay pot. It spends the growing season outside on the stone patio and the winter inside as a house plant. Right now my hands have that wonderful aroma from having touched the leaves. Rosemary releases its scent whenever it is touched and as a thank you for being watered. Everyone should have a rosemary plant. It has lovely dark green leaves, beautiful flowers, a fabulous aroma, and is delicious besides. What more could one ask of a plant?

Oh! I just remembered one more thing. Happy Thanksgiving!


elizabethm said...

Thanks for faving my blog and how lovely yours is! I grow a lot of herbs and rosemary is one of my favourites. Beautiful pictures.
I also grow all sorts of sage and am propating furiously from cuttings. Will be back!

warren said...

I love rosemary also! We grow it in pots and tote it in for the winter. Right now I have it at work. I love to just brush against the leaves now and then. It puts off such a wonderful smell that lasts all day long in my office! Excellent houseplant!