Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Innocent !

Look! The morning glory is alive, and beautiful too. I'm so relieved. When I posted "The Magic of Lavender"I thought the plant was a goner, weeded out by my own hand. The guilt was terrible. Now my conscience is clear.

The yellow and black flowers came from Janet. They are Rudbeckia triloba. This plant is covered with blooms and is quite striking. It self seeds with abandon. This year the heat and humidity combined with the fact that I failed to thin the plants properly has resulted in the powdery mildew that can be seen on the leaves. Next year, I'll have to give this plant more room to grow!

Today we are getting some much needed rain. We both watched a mother turkey and her eleven small babies wander into the mowed grass. The babies are so small that their little heads just show above the grass some of the time. Mom hunkered down right there in the middle of the lawn and the babies scurried under her one by one to get out of the rain. Mom determined that breakfast was over and it was time for the brood to dry off and warm up. I wondered if she had room for them all, but the last one seemed to have no trouble finding a spot under good old Mom. Motherhood, there's nothing else like it!

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Kerri said...

Becky, your morning glory is gorgeous! Such a pure blue.
I also have rudbeckia triloba and haven't seen it on any other blog until now. Deadheading mine is a chore I must get around to! Otherwise I'll have it seeding like weeds all through the garden where it's growing. I like it when it sows itself over the bank and blooms with the wild asters and goldenrod. I scatter the cut off seedheads out among the wildflowers.
I've enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your posts. You have a beautiful yard and garden. I especially love your poppies!
We live right next to the Unadilla river. I wonder how close you are to us!