Friday, August 22, 2008

Copra Onion Harvest

It's time , if not a little past time, to get the Copra onions harvested and braided for storage. This year we planted 16 rows of onion plants. The plants were 6" apart in rows 8" apart. If you do the math that is 128 onions, but we had one double so it is 129. These onions did really well this year. Their size is great. Most are about the size of a baseball, but the largest one weighs in at over 3/4 of a pound. They look good. I only hope there are no bad rings from all the moisture we have had this summer.

Now that's what I call an onion! The big problem has been finding a dry day to harvest them. In the end we had to place them on screens in the basement with the dehumidefier to dry. I'm now in the process of cleaning them and making braids. I find they store the very best when braided. I do this with garden twine doubled and weave the stems in and out so that the string can support the weight of the onions. I'm afraid some of these may fall and go bump in the night because their stems are already brown. If that happens, the onions that fall will be used first.

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