Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stone Farming

As I drove up the driveway and looked at the lawn, I thought "Are those rabbits?" Thank goodness they were not rabbits because there were so many of them. I realized that what I was looking at were rocks. It had been too wet to work in the garden, and Ed had spent the morning levering rocks out of the lawn with his pry bar. He explained that he was taking out the rocks to make mowing the lawn a smoother ride. " To reduce the Sue Hubbell hay rake effect", he said. "Why did you dig up so many?" I asked. "It was going so well, and I was having fun." he replied. "Besides many of these are good wall stones", he added.

Here is a rock with its corresponding hole. The next step will be to fill in the holes and pick up the stones for use somewhere. Most men go to Lowe's and spend a fortune on building materials for their projects. Ed just digs them up like they were potatoes. The stone's immediate destination is one of the many temporary stone piles. One such pile is visible in the first picture.

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