Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pink Norway Spruce Cones

Norway Spruce Cones
We have a stand of these spruce trees. Every spring I marvel at the color of the cones as they develop. I was just a bit late with my photo to get the intense pink color. Things go by so quickly in the spring, it's easy to miss something. They are still a beautiful pink. I'll try to pay closer attention next year. These are gorgeous trees with weeping branches that drape in an unusual way and pink cones. We didn't plant these trees. They were here when we came, but I certainly appreciate them.

On a really hot day in the summer, the trail underneath these trees is one of my favorite places to be. It's so much cooler there. It's shady and quiet with a nice clearing where an old apple tree still stands. There are mysterious holes where I assume some animal has made its home under the shelter of the evergreen canopy. It's a lovely place to hide.

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