Friday, May 2, 2008

Blueberry Buds

Today was a gorgeous spring day for working in the garden. The aroma of clove currants wafted by now and then to enhance the experience. Ed made great progress on the new bed, and I was going to do a "What a difference a day makes." post. It would have been great too. The weeds are gone, and without Photoshop. The new soil is in place in its bed. Before I could take the picture, the rains came. That is in no way a complaint, because we are definitely behind on our rain this spring.

It does mean that today's picture was taken yesterday. The blueberry flower buds were closed up tight. Rain and a little warmer weather is just what they need to open up. We have high bush blueberries growing wild here, and pick as many as we can to put in the freezer. The birds and critters get the rest. Last year was a crop failure so we are hoping for a good blueberry harvest this year. I'm sure the animals feel the same.

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