Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today It's Stones

Yesterday afternoon, when the sun came out after the snow, everywhere the snow had been removed from the lawn was covered with robins, starlings, tricolor blackbirds and juncos. There were more birds than I could count. I tried for a photo, but they all flew away as soon as I approached to snap a picture. Today the birds are elsewhere. The worms they were after are gone, I guess. It is much colder today. Only the south side of the house is dripping. The north side is not.

My plants are all covered with snow, so today it's stones. The edge of the wall that is melting faces south near the house (I'm taking this photo out a window.) and curves around to west. It's a perfect example of what a difference a southern exposure can make. The snow always retreats on the south side first. The direct rays of the sun make a difference.

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