Monday, March 3, 2008

Snow Imprints

I was out in the garden looking for something photogenic. I took several shots of the snow retreating on the south side of the stone walls, but then I saw the imprint of my Russian Sage in the snow. I'm not exactly clear on how this happened, but I love the effect.

The Russian Sage is currently the centerpiece of the stone square. It has lovely gray foliage and lavender flowers in the summer. It looks fabulous in the moonlight, and stays pretty through the winter. Just look at it today! In the spring I will cut it back to promote the new growth.


Knit One said...

Perhaps the recent wet heavy snow flattened the branches. When the strong March sun did its work, the dark branches changed the sunlight to heat and melted their prints into the snow. With the snow gone the branches returned to upright.

Knit One said...

The first comment is attributed to knit one. It was not knit one that posted the comment it was he who thinks he knows everything that posted the comment. We share this view as well as this computer.

Mary said...

That is a neat picture, however it happened!