Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Spring Snow

I know, the first spring flower would be more exciting. However, what you see is what we are getting. The snow is swirling all around almost like it wants to avoid hitting the ground. The flakes are those huge ones that we all tried to catch on our tongues when we were kids.

The truth cannot be denied, however, this is the first day of spring. The birds know it. I saw a pair of hawks flying together this morning, and their intentions are obvious. I believe twitterpated is the technical term. The seeds that have been started indoors are coming up, except the parsley of course.

Outside our garden beds are waiting. The beds are 32' long and 5' wide with stone paths between them. The tan rectangles with the cages around them are my husband's garlic beds. So far the deer around here don't seem to care for garlic, but they do walk through the beds leaving footprints. Like the daffodils, the garlic will be up soon.

But look, the sky is not so dark and the grass is starting to turn green. Winter is officially gone. It's a beginning!

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