Sunday, March 9, 2008

Faded Rainbow

Yesterday was really something here as far as the weather is concerned. In the morning it was fog and rain. Later in the day, we had more rain, and thunder. The weather reports were worse. They talked of flooding, sleet, icing, snow and wind. In the late afternoon, the rain tapered off and we had a little blue sky, and when the sun came out, a rainbow.

I'm not a person who always has her camera ready. By the time I got the camera, the beautiful full rainbow was faded, but not completely gone. I took the picture anyway. I wasn't expecting much, but it's a rainbow in March so here it is.

We did get some wind overnight and a bit of snow. It's cold today, but the river is receding and the blue sky is back. The garden is waiting patiently, and I'm trying to do the same.

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