Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dreary Day ?

I guess this picture could go next to the word dreary in the dictionary. It's raining and puddling all over. The snow underneath makes walking around outside treacherous. You can see there's big puddle out in the garden. We had to go out this morning and safely crossed the pond down at the end of the driveway. I'm glad to be back home as it seems to be growing.

While we were out I saw a killdeer. Now that has to be a sign of spring! We passed a large flock of wild turkeys. We were lucky! They decided to fly. They are easily confused by cars, and sometimes you have to wait quite awhile for them to get out of the road. The most magnificent sight for today was definitely the large group of snow geese flying over the river. We are positioned up the hill from the river so the birds fly almost at eye level. You can hear them squawk and sometimes hear their wing beats.

The high bush blueberries are beginning to get their spring red color. I swear it seems like it happened overnight. I know everyone talks about the beauty of the fall colors here, but to me the pinks, reds and different shades of green in the spring are just as gorgeous and perhaps more inspiring.

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